The Kitchen Garden

Basil and tomatoes

Big Brother of the Egg, We created this entirely autonomous vegetable garden, you add water and a few drops of organic nutrient of 1 time per month, and it takes care of the rest.
Make your seedlings or replant the small pots of mint, basil or any other aromatic herb, green plant, flower, vegetable, bought at your garden center, or shopping mall ... Then you simply select one of the twelve available programs, and it does the rest. 100% guaranteed success.
Everything grows there ... There is no secret, no green thumb, just an incredibly effective kitchen garden.
With JardiNice, have all year round plants in great shape, it manages for you the frequencies and duration of watering, lighting.

Discover active hydroponics at home, it's not a simple tank with water reserves with cotton wicks, no, it's a true miniaturized soil culture, plants grow in a substrate of clay balls crushed, contained in a basket suspended above the water, and a pump silently sprays the water on these 6 baskets regularly and according to the type of plant (green plant, flowering plant, vegetable, and mixes) and the stage of growth (semi, growth, mature).

Up to 6 different plants in your JardiNice.

Lily of the valley
Dwarf hydrangeas

Your children, your friends, and yourself will be amazed ...
And besides, you are not captive of JardiNice, you do not need to buy foam blocks, substrates, or capsules with some seeds in it, no, be environmentally friendly and your wallet, after having bought your JardiNice, you buy the seeds or plants you want, where you want, and you plant them in the baskets, do not worry, they will grow and you will enjoy.
And for the organic nutrient, either you buy it from us, and it's very economical, with 1 liter, you have it for 2 years, or you buy it in a garden center.
And the power consumption? Despite its 288 LED low consumption and its water pump, in 24 volts, you will consume about 12 euros per year of electricity. And you read correctly, 288 LED horticultural spectrum, which partly explains the guaranteed success of your plantations.

So, ready to produce without pesticides, without GMO, your own chives, basil, mint, dwarf tomatoes as have already done more than 1000 people for 2 years?

Lest's Go

Mojitos (and mint)