The Eeg

Little brother of the Kitchen Garden, the egg is a decorative and playful object. Decorative because it is a mood lamp and its design does not leave indifferent, fun because it is a gardener hydroponics.
Once your sowing or planting done, add the 2.5 liters of water, a few drops of organic nutrient, and let your egg!
It will manage the watering of the roots automatically, as well as the duration of lighting.
You can plant both green plants, flowers, aromatic herbs, everything grows there.
At any time of the day, you can turn on or off the 88 LEDs, otherwise it will do it for you.
If you place it on your bedside table, a silent program turns off the pump for 12 hours.
The mast is telescopic to adjust the height of the lamp.
And we do not keep you captive: no capsules, no seeds, no, you can sow any seed or plant any plant bought in the garden, everything grows. And for the organic nutrient, take ours, or take one in the trade, no worries. Our organic nutrient is very economical, with a liter, you will have more than 2 years!