The Mini Garden

Rediscover the pleasure of a fresh and creative cuisine.

Our Mini Vegetable Garden specially designed for aromatic herbs allows you to grow them with ease.
No need to buy her herbs every week, you harvest them at any time in your kitchen, or any other room in your home. Perfect to have mint and basil on hand all year round.
With its white LED lighting and horticultural fuchsia, even in a room without window, your basilics and chive will be fine.
You plant or sow your aromatic herbs, add water with a few drops of organic nutrient, and she does the rest.
The principle is passive hydroponics, with irrigation of plants by capillarity.
If you forget to add water, an audible and visual alarm warns you not to forget it.
Supplied with vermiculite for hydroponic cultivation, without soil, by adding nutrients to the water.
You can also grow classically in the soil by directly replanting the pot purchased.
And no need to buy capsules and other ingots and seed blocks incorporated with us, you can sow seeds and plans purchased in any garden or supermarket.
Now, enjoy your pestus, and other sauces made with your basil, your tea or mojito with your mint, without pesticide and preservative and other chemicals ...

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