The Secret

At the same time lamp of atmosphere, planter with reserve of water and musical source with its Bluetooth speaker.

With its vintage and modern design, our Secret Garden fits into any interior and is sure to attract attention.

The gardener is composed of a gardener receiving the soil and plants (succulents, cacti, green plants, flowers), and a reserve of water connected to the container by cotton wicks, thus ensuring regular irrigation and the demand of plants.
Ideally, plant succulents and cacti, it's really beautiful.

LED lighting allows regular growth of plants, and also provides a beautiful mood lighting. Two lights, one of white light, the other of fuchsia light horticultural spectrum, controlled by a sensitive switch, which also serves dimmer light intensity.

The models JS37B and JS53B are also equipped with a music speaker that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet bringing you a nice background music.

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The First Secret, without Bluetooth

The Very Nice Secret

The Great Secret
Référence: JS33
Référence: JS37B
Référence: JS53B