All JardiNice products are guaranteed for two (2) years, in standard exchange, excluding transport.
The warranty period runs from the date of purchase, invoice or receipt as proof.
The warranty covers malfunctions, outages, and operates in standard exchange.
We have rigorously selected the best components and materials to manufacture our products, but failure is always possible, which is why we offer a simple and clear after sales service and warranty.
Steps to follow:
You have a breakdown, you consult us either by email sav@jardinice.fr or by our form below.
You clearly explain your problem, and either we know how to advise you to remedy it, or you send us the product down. In this case, keep the baskets and pots containing your flowers and plants, placing them in a salad bowl or a bowl with a little water and nutrient (take the one contained in your planter).
On receipt, we either replace the broken part, or we replace the entire product.
We will return it to you within ten (10) business days (Monday to Friday).
We charge you the cost of transport at the current Colissimo rate.
The change of a product does not renew a new warranty period.
If it turns out that the failure is due to a misuse such as use of earth instead of clay balls, or a breakage, we will offer a quote to restore it.
After more than two years of marketing, it turns out that we have very little after-sales service, and almost every time, it is a minimal breakdown.

After Sales Service Form